MediaScouting OSINT

Collect and process open-source data from multiple sources to increase situational awareness.

An end-to-end media intelligence and OSINT platform to collect and analyze data from Online/Social, Broadcast, Print and other data sources and transform them into actionable information. Designed to help government communication, compliance and security departments, public and private organizations to identify key content of interest across multiple sources, take decisions and react promptly to threats.

DataScouting OSINT Media Intelligence

  • Collect and manage information in your infrastructure or your cloud from TV, Radio, Social Media, Websites, Print or any additional data sources in real time for operational and intelligence purposes.
  • Identify Hybrid warfare and disinformation campaigns, prevent and manage crisis that start/propagate from media for national security.
  • Compliance monitoring.
  • Identify Hate Speech in media.
  • Use DataScouting’s AI modules to help you extract data and find actionable information and connections in real time.
  • Strategic enabler of decision and policy-making for Foreign and Domestic Affairs.
  • Understand multilingual content using automatic machine translation and use automatic sentiment analysis and summarization.
  • Create and share intelligence reports and data in real time through multiple channels.


Broadcast, IP video/audio streams: Use our state-of-the-art multilingual automatic speech recognition, face recognition, news ticker extraction to detect news content in real time from TV/Radio, IP streams or podcasts.



Customizable crawlers download content 24/7 from any online sites even behind paywalls, social media platforms and messaging applications while automatically extracting meaningful information.



Include all data in a single dashboard, drill down and identify information of interest using all the metadata produced by our AI modules.

Technologies / AI modules

Security, Τraining and Support

MediaScouting OSINT - Security, Τraining and Support
  • Each customer has its own private installation, either in their own datacenter or the cloud, with their data fully secured.
  • The system is built to work fully offline, with the highest security measures.
  • The system can be fully integrated to the client’s internal authentication/authorization schemes.
  • Training: a) Technical training seminars for system and platform administrators, curators; b) OSINT training including best practices for curators and heads of departments.
  • 24/7 support using a dedicated account manager and technical team.

Industry areas

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