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From digitization to knowledge

How we digitize

DataScouting has the management structures, highly skilled people and state-of-the-art software and hardware that are required to successfully complete any digitization project. Using proven processes and with strict devotion to international standards, DataScouting digitizes any content that you may possess, while indexing all the relevant data into web-accessible platforms with full-text search capabilities.




The next generation of archiving

DataScouting provides digitization services to organizations from the public and private sector. Having digitized millions of pages, DataScouting has the management structures, the highly skilled personnel and the state of the art software and hardware needed to successfully complete any project. Using proven processes and with strict devotion to international standards, DataScouting digitizes any content that you may possess, while indexing all the relevant data into web-accessible platforms with full-text search capabilities.

  • Strict quality control.
  • Media Archiving Solutions (offered as a service or as an end-to- end platform).
  • Digitization of books, newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, audiovisual material, maps, manuscripts, photographs, slides etc.
  • Image processing with open source and proprietary software.
  • OCR and metadata management.
  • Format conversion to MOBI, EPUB.
  • Indexing (plain text data and metadata indexed in a robust search engine library).
  • Publishing (Web, mobile devices, DVD, Hard Copy).
  • State of the art hardware that includes A0 to A3 flatbed, ADFs overheads scanners, film scanners etc.
  • Workflow and image processing software.
  • Abbyy Finereader SDK.
  • Lemmatization using open source / commercial products.
  • Open source Repository platforms.
  • Full text indexing using Lucene/Solr/ElasticSearch.

Documentation / Metadata

Documentation / Metadata

Get value from metadata

The very latest standards across libraries, archives and museums are used for documentation, metadata like Dublin Core (DC), Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard (METS), Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS), ISAD (G) (General International Standard Archival Description) or Encoded Archival Description (EAD), in order to enable the interoperability and metadata harvesting. Digital documents are delivered in the formats you need. Metadata come with logistical challenges and DataScouting is determined to continue adapting new trends and incorporating new developments in order to help organizations monetize their content.

  • Identify, track, retrieve and manage your content.
  • Connect your content to other content.
  • Allow integrated searching.
  • Interoperate with other collections.
  • Build productivity.
  • Enhance data quality.
  • Metadata harvesting using OAI-PMH.
  • Dublin Core, METS/ALTO, MODS.
  • Encoded Archival Description  - EAD.
  • XML Schema.
  • Descriptive, administrative, structural metadata.
  • Lucene, Solr, Natural Language Processing techniques.


Information Retrieval

Implement digitization best practices

Our experienced staff can help you implement digitization best practices using proper hardware & software for both digitizing & displaying of the digital objects using innovative touch screen solutions.

  • Book scanning.
  • International standards.
  • Software package providing capture processing and quality control functions.
  • Customised solutions/services.
  • Workflow management.
  • Digitization project management software.
  • Image processing and quality assurance software.
  • High resolution, 24bit, A1 to A4 scanners.
  • Archiving in formats abiding international standards such as PDF/A.
  • Multitouch technologies in displaying digital/digitized objects.


New ways to present and experience digital content

The MagicBox, developed by CCS, is an astonishing innovation that magically fuses traditional display cases with actual hands-on experience. Print publications, up to now limited to a look-only display spread, will be fully tangible at the fingertips of the audience. Physical objects can be combined with video and 3D animation to enhance the understanding of their functionality and history. The MagicBox enables pulsating windows to a world of wonder, enriching exhibitions not only with valuable information, but by making them truly memorable experiences. DataScouting is an authorized reseller of Magic Box in Greece.

  • Presentation of, and access to, curated content, both original and digital items
  • Users can interact with the digital content
  • Video and 3D animation can be combined with the showcased items
  • It‘s all about contextualizing objects and related story telling
  • 47 inch transparent LCD display with an Infrared touch panel
  • Application software to showcase books, newspapers, pictures, videos
  • PC with MS Windows OS
  • Glass vitrine, mounted on a pedestal
  • Integrated Data Manager allows ingest of: books, documents, photos, videos, 3D models

E-learning platforms

Information Retrieval

Teaching Digitally

DataScouting provides educators, administrators and learners with the world’s most widely used open source learning platform, Moodle, in order to support both online courses and blended learning in small classes or in large institutions. Moodle delivers a powerful set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning.

  • Personalised learning environments in your language.
  • Highly Flexible and scalable to any size.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Fully customisable and tailorable to your evolving needs.
  • Robust, secure and private.
  • Compliant with international standards.
  • Based on open source and open architecture technologies.
  • Certified Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) v2.0 compliant.
  • Complies with the SCORM 1.2 specification.
  • Exchange data using open industry standards for Web deployments, and supports Authentication (e.g. LDAP, Shibboleth protocol), Enrolment, Content, Quiz questions, RSS newsfeeds.
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